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Parish Council



After the affirmation of the parish council on Sunday January 15th, 2017 the members met as it is customary to elect the officers. The elections results were as follows: Jim Mahairas President; Kyriakos Drymonis Vice-President; Billy Gahagan Vice-President; George Karamitos Treasurer; Gary Koliopulos assistant treasurer; Irene Koutouzis assistant treasurer; and Johnny Louizes recording secretary.

Congratulations to the new officers and may God strengthen them to fulfill their duties diligently and with fear and love of God.

The parish council during its first regular meeting on January 19th voted to fill in the three existing vacancies filled by voting three energetic parishioners:
Marilyn Formicola, John Koulouris, and Dino Moschos Paspalakis

These parishioners are a promising addition to the parish council, and all the members are looking forward to their cooperation and contribution.

May God bless all the parish council members along with their families, and the entire parish family of Saint Demetrios. Please keep all the par-ish council and ministry leaders in your prayers to be guided and guarded by our God Jesus Christ.



From left to right: Jimmy Mahairas-VP, Kyriakos Drymonis-Memeber, Pete Karamitos-Memeber, Nick Trastelis-Member, George Karamitos-President, Fr. Joseph Samaan, Irene Koutouzis-Asst., Treasurer, Dawn Moraites-Treasurer, Charlotte Nichols-Secty, Nancy Jenison-Member, John Louizes-VP, Billy Gahagan-Member, not pictured: Gary Koliopulos-Asst., Treasurer


Announcement from the Parish Council of Saint Demetrios

Effective Immediately

New Ministry Policy

Involving more parishioners and establishing more ministries is a combination of science and art. It is not a random method; rather it is a structure that has certain set rules that must be followed in order to reach the desired successful results.

Taking an active role in building the body of Christ and making the church community a vibrant parish will lead the parishioners to feeling more joy, and they will sense increased inner satisfaction as they invest their time, and energy in the common life of the community.

Saint Demetrios parish council has been making strides in strengthening the pool of leadership and increasing it within Saint Demetrios community. Some of the signs of the success of these efforts are becoming visible as the number of volunteers is increasing and the involvement level of the parishioners is on the rise.

Having term limits, serving within more than one ministry, and assuming the role of coaching in order to train less experienced parishioners are a few of the required rules that ought to be in place to set this structure on a solid basis…..

Therefore, it has been decided by the parish council that from now on, all ministries’ leaders within Saint Demetrios parish will be encouraged to serve in their ministry for a term of two years. At the end of each term a review will be conducted to evaluate the ministry and a decision will be made whether to continue for another term with the same leadership or to appoint a new one with the former leader’s  talents to be used in a different area.

This new policy decision will consequently result in establishing a support system which will involve more parishioners and utilize more talents. More and deeper involvement from a wider circle of parishioners is a healthier foundation for the life of the parish and its vibrancy

Ministry leaders are kindly invited to communicate with the parish council in regard to their ministry to discuss a plan of an exit strategy or an extension of one more term of two years.

This decision means that all ministries are open to reassignment or an extension. The transition period, and other related logistics will differ from one ministry to another. These details will be taken into account to ensure the continued vitality of all ministries.

As each parishioner works within the ministries and cooperates with new faces and other parishioners, it will bring in more parishioners, and create stronger bonds among the families of Saint Demetrios.

Should you have a comment or a question in regard to your ministry or a general inquiry in this regard; please don’t hesitate to contact George Karamitos  at [email protected]
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