Sunday, July 21 2024

Sunday Church Flowers Ministry

In an attempt to continue to enrich St. Demetrios ministries, and to accommodate different needs within the St. Demetrios parish and to take into consideration changing times; the new ministry called the “Flower Ministry” was born.20140727_074144

The “Flower Committee” will give the parishioners an added option to choose from. The option where donors are able to choose a florist to supply their floral arrangement will continue to be available. However parishioners will be able in lieu of the florist to have the option to ask the committee to provide them with a lower cost but still elegant arrangements. he main concept behind the birth of this ministry is centered on reducing the burden of paying high costs for flowers making it easier for the parishioners to continue to beautify the church with their flowers donations. Ultimately, one of the far sight goals of the “Flower Committee” is also intended to beautify the outside church grounds. This is an exciting opportunity that hopes to give better opportunities for more parishioners to put to good use their unique talents, extend the life of their do nations and positively impact other areas within the life of the St. Demetrios parish.