Thursday, September 24 2020
Sunday, September 27 2020
  • 34 year Memorial service-John Pitenis

    Sunday, September 27 2020

    A 38-year memorial is offered today in memory of John Pitenis byhis family. John was a loving husband of Angela and father of two children Jimand Vula, and "Papou" to Angela, Connie, Victoria, Jimmy, Jonathan,and Celia. John was a talented, generous, and kind man always happy person wholived life to his fullest in every regard. May God rest his soul and his memorybe Eternal.

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  • Orthros Service in person

    Sunday, September 27 2020  8:00 am - 9:15 am
    St. Demetrios Church 129 N. Halifax Ave. Daytona Beach FL 32118

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Greek Garden at Memorial Park





Greek Cemetery at Memorial Park _Early History of Acquiring the Memory Greek Garden
List of Asleep Parishioners in the Lord 1953-2002



My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, 

The eulogy section on our website has been added not for the sole reason that usually a copy of each text would be requested after a funeral service. But more importantly, because eulogies narrate real life stories that contain common elements and shared experiences among people, and therefore it is thought that adding this section might benefit in different ways the seekers among us.  

After all, our Christian ministry can make a real positive impact and can be true only when it touches people and heals their vulnerability and brokenness through the power of Jesus Christ.


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