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BEACH REACH 2017 INFO – August 25

Beach Reach Daytona 2017

Beach Reach 2017 Covenant and enrollment

Welcome to Beach Reach 2017



This past weekend the Goya Beach Reach Retreat was a major event for our youth as well as the entire parish of St. Demetrios. The gracious words that were expressed by so many parishioners were very touching.
DSC_0005The retreat became an opportunity for many people to work together; I should say work very hard together. It was inspiring and encouraging in the days leading to the retreat to see the Goya of Saint Demetrios so well coordinated. They worked diligently to spread the word and making phone calls to their friends and parish youth coordinators. Church secretaries, youth directors, and others were very impressed with the courtesy, politeness, and how highly articulate these youth were. The church hall as well as the entire cam-pus was a very busy place.DSC_0388

It was a tremendous blessing to have hosted this special event. The prayers and the joy of our guests as well as our St. Demetrios parishioners were felt even after the end of the retreat and well beyond the departure of the guest Goyans.

This special retreat was inspiring and edifying to the entire parish family of St. Demetrios.
Thanks are due to God for giving the strength and grace to all those who helped and worked hard. May God reward their effort and sweat with great joy and abundant grace. Thanks are due to His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios for his kindness that made it possible for Bishop Gregorios of Nyssa to come from Johnstown, PA to lead the retreat, and to all the other speakers and present-ers who poured out their hearts in love and care for all the youth, and for God’s holy church.





Pursuant to the new policy of term limits in regard to the min-istries, the parish council at its meeting of October 2015 has ap-pointed Tasso Kiriakes as the new Goya advisor for a two year term. Tasso has a long history and experience working with youth within the Metropolis of Atlanta, St. Demetrios church, as well as within the school system of the local community. His seasoned ex-perience as a motivator will be very helpful to further energize the current Goya team. Currently there are a good number of children in this age bracket. It is the strong desire of the parish council members and my personal desire to ensure that our children get the full Goya experience, and inspire upcoming generations. There are currently many college students from St. De-metrios who reside in town. Please encourage them to be part of this youth ministry. They will be as inspired and impacted as the children who are going to be taught by them. Thanks are expressed to Johnny Louizes who served this ministry diligently during the past two years and thanks to the parents and volunteers who supported and helped him. Thanks be to God for inspiring and energizing all of you to pray, offer support, and help in so many ways. Your positive response to God’s voice keeps energy and life flowing strongly within St. Demetrios, and benefits many desiring souls. Glory to Jesus Christ… amen





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