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Saint Phanourios Chapel Renovation


Holy Monday Pre-sanctified Divine Liturgy was the first prayer services to be held at the newly renovated chapel of Saint Phanourios. Thanks are due to our great God who enabled and brought many elements and people together so that aIMG_0065ll of us would reach this point and rejoice in the beauty of the new space. Athas and his team worked together tirelessly totaling to hundreds of hard volunteering hours to reach this pleasant and beautiful results. The rest of the pre-sanctified divine services of the holy week were scheduled to take place at Saint Phanourios as well as many other services in the future. Please feel free to spend   some quality time at the chapel either to light a candle or contemplate and pray. As a friendly reminder, please ask the usher for the different type of candles that are used in the chapel. They are designed to produce less if any smoke and do not over time leave black stains.


Through the grace of the great God and the prayers and intercessions of Saint Phanourios the renovation of the small chapel of Saint Phanourios is a dream that is realized.  Several generous donations were offered to underwrite the cost of materials needed for this renovation. Dr. Athas Kometas and his dedicated, hardworking team did a wonderful job!


Church Chapel PowerPoint