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Sunday, March 03 2024

Saint Stephen Summer Camp



20150811_195239The children from Saint Demetrios parish who attended the 5th session of the Saint Stephen summer camp have gathered together for a reunion. They remembered the funny and new experiences they had during the summer camp week. They told their individual stories about sports, talent shows, games, arts, and many more things reminiscing the beautiful days at the Diakonia Center. It was a nice opportunity to catch up with everyone, and to spend some quality time together before the start of school, and the busy season that accompanies the coming of the fall.


Every year the anticipation of the children and their enthusiasm start to increase with the coming of the summer as with it the summer camp reunion starts to appear in the horizon. This year just like every other year since the establishment of the Atlanta Metropolis Summer Camp, children from across the southeastern states look forward to being together for one week. This precious week gives our children the opportunity to rekindle their relationships, and to establish new ones. They live a structured life style that harmonizes physical activities, Christian education, prayers, as well as social life. This summer camp year carried with it many blessings to St. Demetrios children to attend the camp, and for others to go back to St. Stephen not as campers, but rather as counselors. Glory and praise to our great God who unites and inspires hearts from nearby and far away to work together in harmony for the love of God, and the fruits of their labor is manifested through the success of these important youth programs. Besides the regular staff of the Diakonia Center, there are many God loving people who volun-teer their personal and/or vacation time to make this program available and affordable. Indeed, it was a great blessing and invaluable divine gift from God to have been with the team of priests, volunteers, staff, and children at St. Stephen. Thank you to Saint Demetrios family for making such a program possible through your encouragement and support.