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Church Re-Opening, 5/31/20 – IMPORTANT Information

Saint Demetrios

Greek Orthodox Church

Rev: Father Joseph Samaan, Presbyter

129 N Halifax Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Tel: (386) 252-6012 – Fax: (386) 253-7613

Email: [email protected]

Greetings in the name of the Risen and ascended Lord Jesus Christ,


Important Information Below

New Procedures Video Link:

Following is a video link to help you become familiar with the newest procedures of attending the church service starting May 31st. VIDEO LINK:

Getting Ready for the Sunday of Reopening of the Church

New Sign-in Process:

Please remember church capacity has decreased, and church nave can seat only 84 people. The following link is the sign-in to reserve your seat:

Select here to SIGN-IN

Please Consider the Important Following Information

 When church capacity wasn’t restricted, the time of coming to church services was not an issue even with late arrival.

 Punctual arrival time to church under the current situation has become critical.

 Reserving a spot via provided sign-in link, requires that you arrive before the start of the Divine Liturgy (9:30a.m.).

 Reserved spots are not guaranteed after the start of the Divine Liturgy and after 9:30a.m., empty spots will be released to names on the waiting list. It is not fair to reserve a spot, and show up late to church.

 Please remember, you could deprive someone else that would want to show up to church early.

 PC members’ tasks have intensified under the current situation. They have a lot of items on their list to check off. It is important to note that as we move forward with the new processes we remain patient and work together to make this an easy and effective transition. PC is here to assist you with any questions you may have regarding respective processes.