Thursday, September 24 2020
Sunday, September 27 2020
  • 34 year Memorial service-John Pitenis

    Sunday, September 27 2020

    A 38-year memorial is offered today in memory of John Pitenis byhis family. John was a loving husband of Angela and father of two children Jimand Vula, and "Papou" to Angela, Connie, Victoria, Jimmy, Jonathan,and Celia. John was a talented, generous, and kind man always happy person wholived life to his fullest in every regard. May God rest his soul and his memorybe Eternal.

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  • Orthros Service in person

    Sunday, September 27 2020  8:00 am - 9:15 am
    St. Demetrios Church 129 N. Halifax Ave. Daytona Beach FL 32118

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