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    Sunday, July 28 2024

    The Vrochopoulos family is offering a one-year memorial service, Altar Vigil Light, Royal Door Flowers, and the Coffee Hour today in loving memory of Gabriele (Bill) Vrocholpoulos. May his Memory be eternal.

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Community News 2019


The parish council is seeking your help to volunteer on a Saturday for a maintenance job that is led by Dr. Athas. Two Saturdays will be needed for this necessary project to be completed. The dates have not been set as of yet.

June 29th has been tentatively marked as one of the dates; however, the dates will be confirmed upon securing the needed number of volunteers.

TThe needed task only requires more hands to make work lighter. No previous experience is needed, just willingness to move the project forward and follow instruction.

The above mentioned project is worthy of support, and much needed. Should you have the desire to support the project financially, please let Dr. Athas know, the parish council, or call the church office 386-252-6012



Father’s Day Brunch Invitation By Fr. Joseph, Presbytera Linda and Family

You are cordially invited to attend the Father’s Day Brunch

Time: Sunday June 16th, 2019 after the Divine Liturgy

Place: St. Demetrios Church Hall

No Purchase of Tickets is Needed

Please confirm your attendance as Fr. Joseph, Presbytera Linda and family honored guest

RSVP to Phyllis [email protected], or by calling 386-252-6012 by June 13



Congratulations to Philoptochos Ladies for another year of a successful Palm Sunday Luncheon that was sponsored by George Zissimos. Their example of servant leadership is to be commended.

They have through their dedication gathered a large number of enthusiastic volunteers and hard workers. Palm Sunday this year fell on the same day as American Easter.

Everything had to be finished and put back to order by a certain time in order to allow Easter Dinner; another large event to take place.

All the volunteers worked well and hard. Their service was selfless, and was reflected in their smiles. The parishioners were cordial and very supportive, and everyone had really good time.

The children had their share of fun with artwork and egg hunt activities, and pretty much every one went home with a large bag of sweet goodies.

Palm Sunday Luncheon through God’s divine grace, your support and encouragement and the hard work of Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos continues to be an inspiring day of fellowship, service, dedication, and joy.



“When you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. And you will be blessed” (Luke 14:13)

Through the grace of God American Easter Community Dinner was another blessing and successful event. Many enthusiastic volunteers despite the challenging timing of the event that fell on Greek Palm Sunday.

Your generous donations, help, enthusiasm, and gift of time made this day another glorious day. Our guests were greatly appreciative and expressed in various ways their thankfulness for hosting them on the day of Easter.

Several of them asked for prayers, and were encouraged to be given attention and care by the volunteers that wholeheartedly wanted to offer the best hospitality. Thank you to our great God for making this event come together smoothly. May God bless all of your efforts that aim to make Saint Demetrios parish a beacon of love in this town.

Saturday Lazarus Breakfast and Making of the Palms

Thanks are expressed to the large team of volunteers, parents, Sunday school teachers, and cooks that made Lazarus Sunday another joyful day. The kitchen was busy with various teams prepping and cooking. Children and adults alike were having fun making the palm crosses.

Another team was getting the church ready and decorated with flowers and palms for the big celebration of Palm Sunday. Confession also was offered to all ages on the same day for that needed to get ready for holy week and Pascha celebration.

Through the grace of God, it was another opportunity to work together in the name of Jesus, in love, for the glory of God.



Glory to Jesus Christ for his divine grace that made it possible for the District Oratorical Festival of Saint John Chrysostom to reach its final point. As it is customary every couple of years, Saint Demetrios parish hosted the Oratorical festival of the North Florida Conference. Speakers from eight churches have come to participate in this joyous occasion.

An event of this size and level requires a lot of preparation and coordination. Thanks be to God for all the volunteers that have offered their help in various areas and completed this important task.

Some speakers have moved on to the next level that is the Metropolis, and will be presenting their speeches again in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two speakers from Saint Demetrios have reached this level; Theophany Cruz and Michael Bramblett.

Thank you to all of you who in various ways make it possible for such educational and Christ centered events to take place, and thank you to the entire committee of the District Festival, for their tireless and loving attitude.



Congratulations to Irene Katra and Dr. Dick Ajalat on being chosen as the Archangel Michael Award recipients of the year 2019. Award banquet will take place in Atlanta on November 9th, 2019.

More than forty names had been nominated by the parishioners of Saint Demetrios for this award. All the names that had been identified by fellow parishioners exemplary servants were entered into glass bowl and two names were chosen through prayer by casting the lots.

On the same occasion, last year award was given to Kathy Tompros and Dr. Athas Kometas who were chosen for the year 2018



Volunteers needed!!

Pascha (Resurrection) egg wrapping on Holy Thursday April 25th after Divine Liturgy.

Contact Christina or Panorea Papalambros 386-383-5177.

We also need helpers after Divine Liturgy of the Saturday of Lazarus April 20th for help with the Pascha (Resurrection) candles.





Please give written names with your Free-Will donation “In Memory Of…” to Faye Louras, Presbytera, Father, or Church Office.


Readers are needed to participate in reading the holy gospel (John 20:19-25) in multiple languages….

Please contact the church office 386-252-6012



The evening service of the Lamentations on holy and great Friday April 26th will be enhanced greatly by the presence of our St. Demetrios parish younger girls dressed in white standing around the EPITAPHION as myrrh-bearing (Myrofores).

This is a special occasion of the year and an opportunity to build them up through connecting them with Jesus Christ, our great God who has risen from the dead. All moms please contact Kali Kostarides at [email protected] or Stacy Streigel at [email protected] to coordinate the participation of your daughters.

On Saturday morning April 27th, and during the Divine Liturgy of the first resurrection, the altar boys will take a backseat and support the girls as they carry on the duties of processions, and the reaming needs of the morning service.



Breaking the Fast together after Anastasis Divine Liturgy. Come to taste Delicacies Prepared by Dr. Athas and Team

All Are Invited

Menu includes Mageiritsa and Salad, and lamb Mezedes. If you want to share with other parishioners any type of food or treat them any of your Mezedes, please coordinate with Dr. Athas at [email protected]

Help with cleaning after the event is appreciated.



We are collecting PROM DRESSES in good condition—all sizes— last drop off day is May 8th.



Daytona Daughters of Penelope would like to invite you, your friends, and family to attend A Kentucky Derby Party on May 4th from 4- 7 PM


1725 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach. The cost of this gala event is $25 per person Fundraising for College Scholarships

We will be hosting the event in a private room at Houligan’s with plenty of TVs to view the Kentucky Derby. Wear your Fancy Hats and Best Derby Attire!

Buffet Dinner: Houligan’s Famous Wings, Baked Ziti and Meatballs. and Salad We will also be conducting a raffle for a Beautiful Wine Country Gift Basket, HandCrafted Baskets, 50/50 Raffle, and “Win, Place, and Show!”

Seating is limited! No tickets will be sold at the door.

You may purchase your tickets today during Coffee Hour or Please call Joanne Kalabokes at (703) 328-5083 to reserve your tickets



Graduates please contact the office to confirm your attendance on this special Sunday. 386-252-6012 or [email protected]




It has been a very blessed month for Saint Demetrios parish being the beneficiary of having new babies enrich its life.

On April 2nd baby boy Aiden son of Adrian and Myra Brown was born. They have been connected to Saint Demetrios through Dr. Nick and Jennifer Trastelis who are by the way going to be the future Godparents.

It was very inspiring to witness the power of the prayer and its Impact during the hospital visit through the eyes of Myra and her family that does not have the Greek Orthodox faith as their background. Myra and Adrian are looking forward to the forty days blessing of Aiden.

On April 3rd, Anthony and Dr. Christian Schimenti were gifted by God their 3rd child; Babyboy Elias. The entire family including the two little sisters were excited for this wonderful gift. Anthony and Dr. Christian have settled in Daytona not too long ago and are new to Saint Demetrios.

Anthony and Dr. Christina are expecting more relative in the near future to move into Daytona and to enlarge their family pool.

On Saturday the 6th of April Andrew and Eleni Temple along with their little boy Luka, relatives and church family celebrated joyously the baptism of their 2nd child; baby girl “Masha”. “Masha” is a Russian version of a name derived from one of the names of Panagia.

Last Sunday was the forty days blessing of Constantinos Flagg the family are very thrilled about this wonderful gift. Congratulations to all of the Flaggs and the Paspalakises’. Saint Demetrios is looking forward to celebrating the baptism of Constantinos in the near future.



This is the time of the year when all ministries and parishioners are encouraged to submit a nomination of parishioners’ names from Saint Demetrios whom they believe that their nominees set an example to the rest of the parish through their selfless service and dedication to God and Saint Demetrios parish Christian mission.

The final selection will take place after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday April 7th, 2019 through prayers and pulling a name from a hat. All names must be submitted no later than April 4th, 2019. The enclosed names of parishioners have already been honored in previous years, and are NOT entered again into this process, but are prayed for during certain special occasions.



25th of March last Sunday was a memorable, warm and beautiful event. The event reiterated the story of the “Annunciation Feast” and celebrated the Greek revolution of 1821. As you know a good number of tasks are required to organize such an event. Thanks are expressed to all families, and volunteers for making the celebration of 25th of March an inspiring day.



The pastoral visit of His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta through the grace of God and your attentiveness and care turned out to be an uplifting spiritual weekend.

The “Salutation” prayer service to the honor of the Mother of God on Friday evening was beautiful and well attended. Altar boys and servers came prepared and served enthusiastically. The sponsored reception by Philoptochos was as organized and well run as usual. Kitchen team, Servers, and all the rest of the volunteers made it a happy and jubilant time.

The Sherbet Ice Cream Bar was the busiest corner of the reception. It was quite difficult to determine who had more fun; the children, their parents, or their grandparents! It was interesting to see how all different groups equally enjoyed it.

The original timeline had no plans for Saturday as His Eminence was planning on leaving in the morning. However, things worked out where he spent time with the children that were rehearsing for the 25th of March celebration. The children had a good time with His Eminence, and he enjoyed meeting the advisors and other parishioners as well.

The visit of His Eminence requires a lot of care to its various parts; special attention was needed to make sure that all items were in place for the service as well as other areas. It was inspiring to see that Saint Demetrios parishioners enjoyed being re-energized and inspired by this special time, offered of themselves generously in many ways, and His Eminence leaving to visit the next parish with the best impression.

Glory to Jesus Christ who made all things come together harmoniously and beautifully through his mercy, compassion, and love for his creation, and thank you all for heeding the call to service, being attentive, and present in the moment



Philoptochos Ladies of Saint Barbara at Saint Demetrios are elated for the support shown by the parishioners of Saint Demetrios toward their ministry of perpetuating hospitality through the hosting of the coffee hour after the divine services. Your generous contributions are still arriving through the mail in support of this important ministry.

This past Wednesday a special baking day was set to replenish the stack of coffee hour goodies.

An anonymous donation was generously offered to offset the cost of baking materials, helping hands were adequate, the atmosphere was happy, and after all it was another happy day.

Thank you to all the households that have responded positively and generously. Your expressed support gives the entire leadership of Saint Demetrios the inspiration and the energy to excel as servant leaders in love and faith in Jesus Christ for your service…







Thanks are expressed on behalf of the Philoptochos Ladies of Saint Barbara at Saint Demetrios for the support shown toward their ministry of hosting the coffee hour hospitality. Already many households from the parish of Saint Demetrios have responded positively and generously by sending back their free will donations. This expressed support shows your appreciation of this ministry as well as your love of hospitality.

Wednesday, March 27th COOKIE BAKING with Bessie Koliopulos

3:00pm Community Center Everyone is Welcome –come and have some fun!



Our next event will be attending the Daytona Playhouse, 100 Jessamine Blvd., Daytona Beach, on Thursday, April 4 to see “Man of La Mancha”. Tickets are $23.75 for seniors, and 20 members are already planning to go. If you are interested, please contact Susan Coroneos for details (202-409-0400). You may not be sitting together. Please meet at 7 pm at the “will call” window.



Pre-order your Tsoureki for Pascha. Baked with love and prayers by the sisters at the Annunciation of the Theotokos Monastery.

1.5 lb. Tsoureki without egg @ $12.00 each. LIMITED QUANTITY

Pre-Order / Pre-Sale Only Starting March 24; Order deadline must be received by April 7th.

Pickup date April 21—Palm Sunday.



Annual Palm Sunday Luncheon Hosted by St. Barbara’s Philoptochos Society Sunday April 21, 2019 Sponsored by Portofino’s Restaurant

Tickets: Adult $20 Child $10

Tickets are on sale through Sunday April 14th.


Please purchase your tickets during coffee hour or reserve through the Office 386-252-6012



Hosting the community at large for a dinner on American Easter day has been growing every year since its start. This year it falls on Palm Sunday between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m. April 21st, 2019. Maximos Karl Sauskojus is heading this event, please contact Karl- [email protected] or John Spirides- [email protected] to express your desire to help. Kitchen help is needed, servers, and clean up.



Congratulations to Gus and Ashley Christoforakis on the birth of their third child; a beautiful daughter Alina that was born on March 11th, 2019. Saint Demetrios parish welcomes the newly born Alina and is looking forward to having her a regular part of the parish family life.



Saint Demetrios Dinner Dance is a family oriented fun event. It is a safe and elegant environment which is appropriate to include friends from your outside-of-church circle to introduce them to your parish and culture. The timing of the dinner dance on the first Saturday of October services as a reunion for Saint Demetrios parishioners because it is the largest event which happens after the summer. This reunion is a positive factor to energize and reconnect parishioners and teams that are going to be working intensely at the annual festival. The dinner dance committee is looking for extra helping hands. The event has a detailed manual that explains all the needed tasks. All volunteers will have a clear understanding of their roles and how to fulfill them. The main areas of need will mostly require your attention either to promote the event starting late august or the week of the dinner dance to ensure that all logistics are in place for a well-run and happy night. Please contact St Demetrios Dance Daytona Beach at [email protected] for further inquiry and help.



Thanks are due to all of the volunteers of “Bike Week”, their hard work and commitment were exemplary. Through this event several younger parishioners have been able to get engaged and to experience either as first timers or as repeat novices how to ascend the leadership ladder.

Contrary to various incorrect perceptions; the most important commodity of any parish is its parishioners. The most important sign of the success of a parish is its ability to inspire and to engage the parishioners in giving themselves and of themselves for the support of the truthfulness of the gospel, and for the spread of its healing power through the ministries of the parish.

Another Bike Week has passed filled with memories of working and cooperating together as one team and one family, this would not have been possible without the mercy of God, his compassion, and the love he inspired in the hearts of all parishioners.



Saint Demetrios parish is hosting the district oratorical festival on April 13th, 2019. Speakers from eight Greek Orthodox parishes will be presenting their speeches at Saint Demetrios church. Usually Saint Demetrios par-ish is chosen every couple of years to host this important event due to its central location, but more importantly to its famous strong support for the oratorical festival.

This year’s District Oratorical Festival committee is chaired by Agape Sauskojus. Agape was acknowledged publiclyfor her upcoming duty by receiving “Goldie”. This ceremony intends to give Saint Demetrios parishioners the opportunity to pray for the success of this important event. It emphasizes also the need of support and solidarity that are needed for the success of the work of the committee. Please mark your calendar to come on April 13th and listen to the inspiring speeches of the participating youngsters, and reach out to Agape to offer your help or financial support.



Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos Ladies hosted a group of volunteers from IOCC that came to town to help in one of IOCC supported projects. IOCC is an Orthodox Charitable Organization that responds to crisis throughout the world and in the USA. This group of volunteers that was hosted by Philoptochos had come to repair a damaged house due to hurricane hit. The group was very impressed by the cheerful attention of Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos and expressed their gratitude very warmly multiple times through various thank you messages.



Thank you’s are expressed to our great God that has made it possible for the Saint Demetrios Oratorical parish level festival to take place last Sunday by inspiring many God-loving hearts. It was a beautiful and in-spiring event. Each speaker delivered a speech that was heartfelt and constituted a wonderful lesson about God to all of us. The attendance on the part of the parishioners who came to listen to the speeches was very encouraging. Thank you for giving your time and attention to these young groups that are trying to connect with God in their lives so beautifully. Your presence was one of the best ever gift to give them as they needed your warm attitude to take courage and stand on the stage in front of an audience and speak. Saint John Chrysostom oratorical festival finds Saint Demetrios parish as a strong caring environment that has a lot of supportive people who love this nurturing event. Thanks to all of the organizers that made it possible along with the parents and the coaches that paved the road leading to last Sun-day. Please encourage the young speakers with some kind words as well as the or-ganizers when you see them at the church hall. Please, kindly mark your calendar to attend the district oratorical festival held at Saint Demetrios parish on Saturday April 13th. There will be speakers from other surrounding parishes along with some of the rising speakers from Saint Demetrios parish.



Justin and Anna Maria newly born baby boy… Congratulations to the entire family and friends who celebrate the arrival of this wonderful divine gift.



We have a new charity we are donating to. We are collecting all kinds of shoes! Men’s, women’s, kids, anything! New or used!!! Please bring them to church and place them in the pink bin in the Sunday school!!!



Please mark your calendar to attend the spring parish general meeting on February 24th. Your parish council has some exciting progress reports to share with you about the fruits of your prayer and labor for the glory of God in regard to your St. Demetrios parish. Please make every attempt to enrich the meeting with your presence.



You are cordially invited to attend a Daughters of Penelope Membership Wine & Cheese Event Saturday, March 2nd 6 PM- 8 PM at the Aliki Condos 2

828 N. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach.

Please RSVP (386) 299-6522



Tuesday March 5 at 11am we will meet to have the annual election of officers. Ed Eisler will speak on health and aging. The club is offering a lunch to celebrate its 20th year anniversary. Dues may be paid at meeting.



Registration will begin during our Greek Independence Day Program on 3/24/19



Please mark your calendars as this year St. Demetrios will be hosting GLD at St. Photios in St. Augustine. Keep an eye out for more information.



Week 1: June 23 -June 29 Week 2: June 30 – July 6 Week 3: July 7 – July 13 Week 4: July 14 – July 20 Week 5: July 21 – 27

It is customary that the Saint Demetrios’ group of children would travel to Saint Stephen summer camp on WEEK 5 (July 21-27). Online registration will open early March; the date to be announced soon. If your child or grandchild is eligible to get enrolled or interested, please contact Denise Brown for further information at [email protected].

Denise Brown will be giving a presentation during coffee hour/General Assembly Meeting.

If you are interested in helping a child to attend or donating toward a scholarship for a camper, please contact Father Joseph at [email protected].



Week 1: June 23 -June 29 Week 2: June 30 – July 6 Week 3: July 7 – July 13 Week 4: July 14 – July 20 Week 5: July 21 – 27

It is customary that the Saint Demetrios’ group of children would travel to Saint Stephen summer camp on WEEK 5 (July 21-27).

Online registration will open early March; the date to be announced soon. If your child or grandchild is eligible to get enrolled or interested, please contact Denise Brown for further information at [email protected].

If you are interested in helping a child to attend or donating toward a scholarship for a camper, please contact Father Joseph at [email protected].



Do you love helping others? Come help out at the bookstore!

Help at the bookstore can be scheduled to fit your own calendar.

You are free to help as often as weekly or a seldom as quarterly. Information meeting to be held soon. Please contact Agape Sauskojus at [email protected] or call 763-360-1011







Your help is much needed to assist Dr. Athas on Sat Feb 2nd in one of the maintenances projects around the church campus. Your hard labor will last only few hours but it is going to be a lot of fun ala Dr. Athas party style. Please call the church office at 386-252-6012 or communicate with Dr. Athas to confirm your attendance so that he can get the necessary tools for the right number of workers as well as adequate food for everyone… Without 6-8 volunteers the project cannot be attempted



“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God; consider the outcome of their life, and imitate their faith” (Hebrew 13:7) The affirmation of the newly elected parish council has taken place on Sunday Jan 13th, 2019 which was followed by the meeting of the officers’ election. The current officers of 2019 PC are as follows: Kyriakos Drymonis; President, Dino Paspalakis; Vice President, Billy Gahagan; Vice President, George Karamitos; Treasurer, Gary Koliopulos; assistant treasurer, Irene Koutouzis; assistant treasurer, and Johnny Louizes; Recording secretary. Members are Marilynn Formicola, Jim Mahairas, Maximos Karl Sauskojus, Dr. Nick Trastelis, Sini Vlahopoulos Parrish.

Welcome is extended to Maximos Karl Sauskojus who has been elected to the parish council for his first term ever. Thank you is expressed to John Koulouris who successfully completed his 2 years term on the parish council.

Thank you is expressed to Jim Mahairas for his three years of dedicated service as the president of the parish council.

The parish of Saint Demetrios has been blessed throughout its history with dedicated leadership that continues even today. It is of utmost importance that the entire parish community continues to work cooperatively to cultivate and groom new leadership.

Having a dedicated and well prepared leadership from the parishioners that grew up within the life of the parish is of great importance. As of a matter of fact, one of the goals of the various ministries is to cultivate the leadership of the parish ministries.

There is no minimum age for this training to happen. Even the baby that is blessed at the age of forty days is a perfect candidate for the leadership training program. All the church services, events, and various functions are suitable opportunities to be a teachable moment.

It is noteworthy that most of the teachable and training moments are the casual times that parishioners come together; their conversations and the exchange of their personal experiences can be deeply inspiring to their peers that would prepare them to assume at one point a leadership position.

Please continue to pray for your leaders that serve you in many capacities to keep the life of the parish community functional, peaceful, joyful, uplifting, and edifying, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ fill your hearts with every good gift and divine virtue. Amen



St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Epiphany with traditional cross dive

Members of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Daytona Beach celebrated the Epiphany on Saturday with a traditional blessing of the waters and dive to retrieve the cross in the spring pool at DeLeon Springs State Park.

The Epiphany is a Christian feast day traditionally celebrated 12 days after Christmas to commemorate the baptism of Jesus and visit of the Three Wise Men or Three Kings. In the Greek church, church members follow the clergy after the service to the nearest body of water. After a blessing, the priest casts the cross the water. The person who dives in and retrieves the cross will be blessed with good fortune for the rest of the year.


Perhaps the country’s best-known Epiphany celebration is in Tarpon Springs, where thousands gather to watch swimmers brave the cool waters at Spring Bayou in hopes of coming up with the cross, a tradition that dates back more than a hundred years

By Staff Report Saturday Posted Jan 5, 2019 at 7:09 PM Updated Jan 5, 2019 at 7:09 PM



Glory to Jesus Christ who empowered Saint Demetrios parish and made itA big Thank You to all of the supporters of the Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos who made 2018 such a wonderful year.

Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos ongoing philanthropic efforts get more amazing each year because of your continued support.

Here are some upcoming events and community service programs Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos will be working on. Ask how you can help.


•Coffee Hour: – Please contact Phyllis at the church office 386-252–6012 to host one Sunday coffee hour

•Bakers Needed: – Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos Ladies are looking for bakers who, at their leisure, would bake cookies for our coffee hour. We could schedule a date to have them served or we would keep them and freeze them until needed.

•Pascha Food Drive: – Food List will be on Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos Face Book, published in the bulletin, there will be baskets in the Narthex, and Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos will send email updates. The goal is to service 3 schools and over 60 children, all donations welcome!


•Membership Tea – Date to be determined. Membership to become member of Saint Barbara’s Philoptochos is now open for MEN & WOMEN and membership forms are available in the church office or you may contact Denise Brown ([email protected]) or Christy Xynidis ([email protected]) for more information. Membership forms will also be available each Sunday at coffee hour. We would love to have you join us!


Please mark your calendars as this year St. Demetrios will be hosting GLD at St. Photios in St. Augustine. Keep an eye out for more information



The season is here for the tradition of the annual blessing of homes. The blessed waters of the Theophany from the church service that takes place on January 6th each year are used for the blessing of homes. The needed items to prepare for the blessing service at your place are; An icon, small/medium glass bowl with water, few branches of Vasiliko (Basil), handheld incensor, charcoal and incense.

In case not all of these items can be found, Father Joseph usually carries in his suitcase many if not all of the required items. As such, not having any or all of the items is not a predicament at all.

The service is short. It is constituted from a few petitions, prayers of blessing of homes. Then the priest with the family will go around the different rooms to sprinkle the water, and return back to the starting point to conclude the prayer service. Usually if children are present; Father will try to assign different roles that are age appropriate to include the children in the service.

This home visit is an opportunity for Father to know each family better, and address their personal needs. Usually after the prayer service if the family have certain topics to discuss or questions to be answered, Father will visit with them to address these issues.

In most of the situations, families want to express their appreciation in various ways, however, Father does not have any expectations; a cup of tea or coffee is sufficient. Father would want to make this visit as simple and as easy as possible on the family. Please contact the church office at 386-252-6012 to schedule your home blessing. The best scenario is for the entire family to be present during the visit of the priest, and to participate in the blessing service. The general experience of the Orthodox people finds the house blessing service to be a graceful experience.



Through the grace of God, his compassion, and generosity; one more blessing has been added to Saint Demetrios parish that is the 40 days blessing of little Masha, sister of little Luca, and daughter of Andrew and Eleni Deligianis. Congratulations to Yiayia, Pappou, Theia and to all of the family of Saint Demetrios community that Mash has become part of their lives.