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Snapshot of Most Common of Year Round Events at Saint Demetrios

The coffee hour reception/Royal Doors Flowers/Altar Vigil Candles are some of the meaningful ways to help in the building of the body of Christ through our local church community. At times it is a challenge to accommodate all the wishes and desires of all the generous families that would like to obtain the blessing of being part of this awesome ministry. When some of your preferred dates are already taken, and you prefer not to partner with other families or events, please consider the option of hosting one of the less popular dates that are otherwise left without a host by placing your name on the alert list at the church office. When the Royal Doors Flowers are already sponsored, again you may choose a different date or opt to sponsor some of the other front icons of the Iconstasis (Holy Mother of God, the Lord, St. Demetrios, ect. ) or the memorial table. Likewise, there are several altar vigil lights that are kept lit inside the holy altar as well as outside the royal door, and this would allow several families to cosponsor the Altar vigil lights on the same day. This option is available in addition to the blessing of sponsoring the cost (full or partial) of one of the 52 weeks of candles in honor or in memory of beloved ones.