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[ATLANTA] Special Announcement from His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios

September 15, 2017

My Beloved Ones,

“O blessed Theotokos, open the doors of compassion to us whose hope is in you…” (From the Evening Prayers)

I greet you with love and joy in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I feel blessed by Almighty God to invite you to an event that means a great deal in the life of our Metropolis. On Thursday, October 12, we will all have the opportunity to participate in a Thyronixia, that is, an “Opening of the Doors” for the first floor Conference Center of our Panagia Chapel, at our beautiful Diakonia Retreat Center.

I am eager for you all to see the progress thus far and to witness the first fruits of all our efforts. We will all come together as one Metropolis of Atlanta family to celebrate this first milestone in the life of this beautiful new temple which we are dedicating to our Beloved Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, our Panagia.

Attached you will find a flyer for the “Opening of the Doors.” I humbly ask that you RSVP with your priest or parish office by October 2, so that we may effectively plan for the appropriate number of participants.

I use the word participants to emphasize that we are blessed to experience something that is very rare in the lives of the people. Very few are able to witness a service of this kind, and so this is why I call you participants, and not simply guests.

Together, I pray to see as many of you there as are able to come, so that we may raise our voices in prayer and glorification for all that God has done for us, through our efforts. I remain,

Paternally yours with love in the Lord,
+ A L E X I O S
Metropolitan of Atlanta