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Monday, March 12th
Theophanes the Confessor, Gregory Dialogos, Bishop of Rome, Symeon the New Theologian, Phineas, grandson of Prophet Aaron, Paul Aurelian, Bishop of Brittany
6:30 Great Compline

Tuesday, March 13th
Removal of the relics of Nicephorus, Patriarch of Constantinople, Pouplios the Martyr, Bishop of Athens, Christina the Martyr of Persia, Gerald, Bishop of Mayo

Wednesday, March 14th
Benedict the Righteous of Nursia, Euschemon the Confessor, Bishop of Lampasakos
8:30am Pre-Sanctified Divine Liturgy
6:30pm Paraklesis

Thursday, March 15th
Agapius the Martyr & His Companions, Manuel the New Martyr of Crete, Holy Apostle Aristobulos of the Seventy, Bishop of Britain

Friday, March 16th
Sabine the Martyr of Egypt, Christodulus the Wonderworker of Patmos, Julian the Martyr, Aristovoulos, Apostle of the 70 Romanos, the Hieromartyr of Parium
8:30am Pre-Sanctified Divine Liturgy
6:30 2nd Salutations to the Mother of God
YES Retreat—Sunday
Philoptochos Spiritual Retreat—Sunday

Saturday, March 17th
Alexis the Man of God, Theocteristos the Confessor, Marinos the Martyr, Patrick the Enlightener of Ireland, Paul the Righteous Martyr

Sunday, March 18th
Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Trophimos & Eukarpion, Monkmartyrs of Nicomedea, Edward the Martyr, King of England
8:30am Orthos (Earlier Start)
9:45am Divine Liturgy



25th of March Celebration
60th Anniversary
Archangel Michael Award
Bike Week
Clergy Laity
Father’s Day
Feast of Epiphany
Holy Week
Icon Ypsini Visit
Mother’s Day
New Smyrna Monument Memorial Service
Oratorical Festival
Palm Sunday
Saint Demetrios Community Annual Dinner Dance
Saint Phanourios Feast Day
Saint Photios National Shrine Annual Board Meeting and Anniversary Celebration
Saint Stephen Summer Camp
Torch Run