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VIP Club will meet in the hall on Tuesday July 11 for its annual Independence Day picnic (reminder to bring your dish). July 11 will feature music and games. Possible bus trip to Tarpon Springs in October. Will be open to all interested. August and September plans to be announced.



Friday, July 7th
Thomas the Righteous of Malea, Kyriake the Great Martyr, Aka- kios of Sinai, Willibald, Bishop of Eichstatt

Saturday, July 8th
Holy Great Martyr Procopius, Theophilos the Myrrhbearer of Pan- tokrator Monastery, Appearance of the Icon of the Most Holy The- otokos of Kazan

Sunday, July 9th
5th Sunday of Matthew, The Holy Hieromartyr Pancratius, Bishop of Tauromenium in Sicily, Dionysios the Orator, Metrophanes of Mount Athos, Euthymios of Karelia, Methodios the Hieromartyr, Bishop of Lampis, Michael Paknanas the Gardener
8:45am Orthos 10:00am Divine Liturgy

Monday, July 10th
45 Holy Martyrs of Nikopolis, Armenia, Our Holy Father Grego- ry, Bishop of Assa, 10,000 Fathers martyred in Egypt, Apollonios the Martyr

Tuesday, July 11th
Euphemia the Great Martyr, The All-Praised Olga, Equal-to-the- Apostles, Princess of Kiev, Nektarios the New Martyr, Nicodemos the New Martyr of Mt. Athos
8:45am Orthros & Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, July 12th
Proclus & Hilary the Martyrs of Ancyra, Our Holy Father Michael of Maleinus, Veronica, the woman with the issue of blood who was healed by Jesus, Andre the Commander & his Companion Martyrs
6:30pm Paraklesis

Thursday, July 13th
Synaxis of Archangel Gabriel, Stephen of Mar Sabbas Monastery, Holy Martyr Golinduc, Marcian the Martyr of Iconium
8:45am Orthros & Divine Liturgy

Friday, July 14th
Aquila the Apostle among the 70, Our Holy Father Joseph the Confessor, Archbishop of Thessalonica, Nicodemus the Righteous of Mount Athos, Justus the Martyr

Saturday, July 15th
Holy Martyrs Cyricus and His Mother Julitta, Vladimir, Equal-to- the-Apostles of Kiev, The Finding of the Head of St. Matrona of Chios, Donald and his Nine Daughters

Sunday, July 16th
Sunday of the Holy Fathers, Athenogenes the Holy Martyr of Her- acleopolis, Julia the Virgin-martyr of Carthage, 1,015 Martyrs in Pisidia
8:45am Orthos 10:00am Divine Liturgy



25th of March Celebration
60th Anniversary
Archangel Michael Award
Bike Week
Clergy Laity
Father’s Day
Feast of Epiphany
Holy Week
Icon Ypsini Visit
Mother’s Day
New Smyrna Monument Memorial Service
Oratorical Festival
Palm Sunday
Saint Demetrios Community Annual Dinner Dance
Saint Phanourios Feast Day
Saint Photios National Shrine Annual Board Meeting and Anniversary Celebration
Saint Stephen Summer Camp
Torch Run