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This is the time of the season where for five consecutive Fridays (March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, & 31st) a service is offered to the honor of the holy Mother of God Mary the Ever Virgin. The service is called the Akathist Hymn. Please let the church office 386-252-6012 know if you are interested in donating the flower decorations for the icon of the Mother of God that will be used on one of these Fridays either in whole or in part.



Help is needed to man the parking lots during Bike Week from March 10th until March 18th for the Bike Week Parking. Any volunteering hours (Day or Night-Weekdays or Weekends) will be greatly appreciated.

Please see George Karamitos, Gary Koliopulos, Billy Gahagan, or call the church office at 386-252-6012.



This year as it has been in the past two years an invitation has been extended by the parish council to invite Gianni, a guest chanter from Thessaloniki to be with Saint Demetrios during the special season of the Holy Week.

Gianni’s cost is completely funded by your generous donations. A holy week wish list will be mailed out soon with a return envelope. Please return the envelope with your donation in any desired amount toward any of the available items or toward the chanter fund.

Please make a note or call the church office 386-252-6012 should you want your donation or your name be known to Gianni as one of the donors. The names of desired parishioners will be made available to Gianni.

Should you want to host Gianni at your home, please let Father Joseph know to work out the details with the Parish Council Again thank you for all the care and love you show in many ways tangible and intangible. Looking forward to another wealthy year of divine grace poured richly during the special season of Great Lent and Holy Week.



Every two years the leading positions of the ministries at Saint Demetrios are open for renewal and new appointments, by the Parish Council, for desiring parishioners to submit their names as potential candidates for one particular ministry.

This rotation cycle is envisioned as a necessary tool to cultivate many leaders and to allow the movement of experienced leaders from one ministry to another. The appointment of the Ministry Leaders will be made by the Parish Council, unless that ministry already has a governing body such as Philoptochos and VIP club. Those ministries will then vote for their own officers and leaders.

Please let the Parish Council know by April 30th, 2017 through Demetrios Mahairas at if you are interested in leading a ministry or to shadow and train with a current ministry leader. All current ministry leaders are encouraged to submit their names for consideration as well.

This year’s positions that are open for renewal are as follows: Book Store, Choir, Goya, Greek Festival, Greek Dance, Festival Church Tours and Sunday School.

Dimitrios Mahairas, Parish Council President



“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35) Saint Isaac the Syrian states that achieving knowledge of oneself is a greater achievement than the miracle of raising someone from the dead. This is one of the goals which the holy Church had in mind when she designated the Great Lent as a special time in the year for an important spiritual journey of self-discovery and repentance. As it is important for each Christian faithful to obtain the virtue of self-knowledge during the spiritual journey of Great Lent it is also appropriate for every church community to exercise the virtue of self-discovery and learn about its assets as well as its weak pointes during this spiritual journey.

The prayer services and other available tools during this special season make this process encouraging and uplifting even when shortcomings and or devastating faults are discovered to exist within one’s self. The divine grace of God which is at work within the human soul during this sober time of the year makes the journey of self-knowledge more graceful and a less punitive process to the person that has chosen to embark on such a delicate travel.

Saint Demetrios parish has been a live community without any interruption through the line of its life for more than sixty five years. It still has many of the families that go back to the first days of its formation. The same thing is true of the families that have come afterwards, and were an instrumental part in the church building process or its growth and expansion, or even others who have moved to this area and became an integral part of this family and have continued to be an asset in sustaining the parish family life through their presence, talents, and giving.

This means that Saint Demetrios has a significant sense of an inter-generational commitment and loyalty to the mission upon which the foundation of the community was laid, and the mission of salvation as brought by God the Lord Jesus Christ. The slope of the growth line in the various areas of its life is still in the rising direction over these past decades even if the community at times had faced challenges or setbacks. Many of the desired projects or ideas that had been conceived in the past have eventually come true, and are no longer just a mere idea rather they have become a marked off accomplishment in the history of the parish community.

All the above mentioned elements and many other elements as well constitute significant points of strength that make communities continue to live and prosper. On the other hand there are some elements that can use some adjustment or practices that should be revised. These practices did not necessarily constitute negative or failure in the past, rather they might have served a purpose but are in need of updating or upgrading to keep up with the changing times or newer living circumstances.

One of the examples can be found in the annual budget and the giving pattern of parishioners. The current giving pattern prevents the church community from achieving a quicker, wider, and deeper growth in many necessary and vital ministries that could provide benefits and help to many people within and outside the church community.

In a nutshell, the current existing giving pattern is short about fifty percent from the level where it should be. The basic cost of maintaining a place of worship, an infrastructure for the community gatherings for social or religious functions, and for other educational necessities is not fully provided for through the stewardship offerings. But, instead it is being subsidized about fifty percent by outside donations. It might be true that the bottom line evens out at the end of each year through donations coming from other regular or extra fundraisers; however the end result is that this pattern continues to cause a perpetual dragging force that always keeps the church community projects behind, delayed, or even to never see the light when the chance is missed due to the lack of funds that should have been there at the opportune time but were not available and the opportunity was missed for good.

It is true that parishioners regardless of their stewardship giving respond quickly to specific needs or urgent maintenance projects requests. During the past few years there have been various needs that presented themselves during some of the most challenging economic periods where immediate actions were a must within a very short window of time. The response was positive, immediate, and effective. The projects that are being alluded to were achieved through good size donations in lump sums by a large group of parishioners.

However, for example, if a onetime lump sum donation in the amount of one thousand dollars that was donated toward one of these urgent fundraising campaigns instead was given on a weekly basis, it would have been in the amount of a twenty dollar each week. This simple adjustment would have caused a significant decrease to the currently challenging financial drag. The need is there for an adjustment to depend less on special or urgent fundraising campaigns, and to depend more on smaller but regular giving.

The budget style “Feast or Famine” when it comes to a church community cash flow is among the worst styles for church growth. It does not bond parishioners tightly with the life of their parish, and it does not provide equal opportunities for parishioners to grow spiritually through the virtue of giving.

Please pray in your heart for God’s illumination to talk to you about what you can do to grow in the virtue of giving and reliance on God’s care and mercy. Please consider revising your giving style from an occasional one time large lump sum into smaller but steady weekly, biweekly, or even monthly basis.

The drag force of the annual budget is the last remaining obstacle that is preventing your parish community of Saint Demetrios from rising highly and shining brightly as a beacon of faith, hope, and love within its surroundings. Working together to defeat this last obstacle means that the foundation of another stage of growth and spiritual prosperity can start and another series of ministries and essential projects can see the light for your benefit, your children and grandchildren, as well as for many other people, HERE and NOW.

“Now concerning the contribution for the saints: as I directed the churches of Galatia,so you also are to do. On the first day of every week [Sunday], each of you is to put something aside and store it up, as he may prosper, so that contributions need not be made when I come” (1st Corinthians 16:1-3)



Thank you to everyone who attending the Daughter’s of Penelope Annual Wine & Cheese Membership Event on February 10th! Over 26 ladies attended and 5 new members joined our chapter! If you weren’t able to attend but still would like to join our group, which raises money for Scholarships and other charities, please contact Eleni Pitenis (386) 299-6522. We meet at the AHEPA Apartments on the first Wednesday of every month from 6-8 PM for dinner and meeting.



To all students interested in this scholarship application. Please be advised that April 17th is the due date for consideration.
2017 AHEPA Scholarship Aplication






Congratulations to Marilyn Formicola, John Koulouris, Dino Mosxos Paspalakis, Nick Trastelis for taking the affirmation and for the start of their service as part of the parish ministry.

“I, (name) do solemnly affirm that I will uphold the dogmas, teachings, traditions, holy canons, discipline, worship and moral principles of the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as the Charter and Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, and that I will fulfill faithfully and sincerely the duties and obligations required of a member of the Parish Council. So help me God.”



The OCMC Orthodox Christian Mission Center has celebrated 35 years of mission work on Monday February 6th at its new building just off the I-95 highway in Saint Augustine. His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America has come for the sake of attending this milestone celebration.

The day started with a glorious Divine Liturgy where seminarians from the Holy Cross School of Theology have come from Boston and were chanting as Archbishop Demetrios presided over the divine service. The celebrations continued at OCMC center with a reception and several nice presentations by various speakers about the start of the mission work and the progress of OCMC from infancy into this current stage.

His grace bishop Dimitri of Xanthos spoke about the starting years of the mission center. His grace bishop Gregorios spoke about his experience as a missionary to Alaska. Fr. Martin the director of OCMC spoke about two inspiring verses from the Lord’s Prayer and related them to the missionary work. His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios spoke about the early years of missionary work in Greece and related memories from his years as a student in the school of Theology in Athens along with Archbishop Anastasios of Albania and how they were inspired by the missionary work.

The missionary work of the Orthodox Church is definitely growing; more parishes and parishioners are paying more attention to it, more support, and definitely more involvement.

The parish of Saint Demetrios is very privileged to be such a close distance to OCMC. Please see Gus Pogas if you desire to place a canister in your shop where the offerings can help support vital mission work. Markella Balasis works for OCMC and can be another resource of information if you are looking for ways to support mission work.

Philoptochos ladies always supported OCMC mission work and they can be also a re-source of help should you have any ideas that you might want to coordinate with them for the support of OCMC. Please see Raven Kastis to discuss your ideas.



Oratorical Festival 2017 is right around the corner and we are trying to get the speakers ready so that Daytona will be ready to represent their parish!! Our local festival is going to be on March 5th, which happens to also be Sunday of Orthodoxy! What an awesome day to have our children speak!! Also, we are having a SPEECH WORKSHOP on Sunday, February 19th!

We are asking that the speakers come ready with their speeches so that we may help with any changes needed or adding/taking away material based on time , etc… we are not WRITING SPEECHES on this day. Please motivate your children to be ready for this day, we will begin after coffee hour in the hall.
It is so important for our students to take part in this amazing event that will prepare them in so many ways for their future in school, the job force and as Orthodox Christians.. Any Sunday school teacher or anyone else you may know (past orators) who may be willing to stay and help students it would be much appreciated!! Please let me



This past weekend the Saint Photios National Shrine cele-brated the 35th anniversary of its dedication as a Greek Orthodox center in the heart of Saint Augustine. Saint Photios has managed over the past decades to provide a ministry for Orthodox people to get involved in the service of outreach, and go beyond the walls of their parishes.

The commemoration of Saint Photios feast day is an opportunity to reflect on the genesis of this ministry and its progress. During this weekend the full board of Saint Photios Shrine nationwide would convene. Interestingly, the general counsel of Greece, Adamantia Klotsa, located in Tampa dedicated her weekend to be part of this important institution.

Representatives from all the Metropolises come to Saint Augustine as well as from Philoptochos, Daughters, and AHEPA. His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios diverted his route from his travel to one of the parishes and made a stop in St. Augustine to come to the meeting.

His grace Bishop Gregorios Tatsis from the Carpatho-Russian Diocese of America was the keynote speaker. Youth from local parishes spoke nicely about the significance of the shrine. Parishioners from St. Demetrios and other parishes far and nearby came together to enjoy a delightful luncheon.

Many parishioners and businesses from St. Demetrios have donated generously toward the silent auction that filled the “I love Daytona Beach” Basket which happened to be one among the baskets of highest value.

The entire weekend was another grace-filled event, and wonderful reunion. Polly Hillier the director of the shrine, has worked very hard with her aids to bring the event to fruition in such a dignified manner; donors and volunteers sacrificed generously time and treasure, and the grace of God rewarded this effort with divine presence and joy. Looking forward to next year’s presence and participation from a wide circle of St. Demetrios parishioners so as to enjoy this special, happy, and unique days and celebrations.








Saint Sophia Trust, the gift of God through the Forest Family has transitioned to the possession of Saint Demetrios parish, and since then it has acquired its own trustees as it was envisioned and set up by Angie and Mike Forest. The current trustees in addition to the priest of Saint Demetrios consist of the Parish Council President, Jim Mahairas, Tas Coroneos, Faye Louras, and Marilyn Formicola. The trustees have had several meetings and discussed many important and needed steps in order to deter-mine how to meet the current needs of this house and its best future use.

The trustees are currently occupied with several logistic needs that are time sensitive. This includes insurance matters, zoning, assessing the needs of the building, and ensuring that other safety steps have been put in place. Later the trustees will be work-ing on a system to evaluate the different suggested uses and ideas that are brought up by the parishioners that are intended for the future use of the house.

Please feel free to send any and all of your suggestions to Father Joseph at in regard to a proposal of future use of the property next door.

All the submissions will be used to help create a point system that will lead to choosing the best ideas, and their merits will be assessed in the near future. Thank you for your prayers and support, and may God’s mercy be poured out upon all of us through the intercession of his great Martyr St. Sophia and her three daughters; Faith, Hope, and Love. amen



The project of church building repairs has started after some delay. The delay was caused mainly due to an uncertainty in regard to what repairs were needed. The parish council over the past few years went through many studies by different expert opinions in order to get a list of suggested repair plans.

All the different paid studies and other engineers that were brought in by several concerned parishioners agreed in general that the damage was being caused by the intrusion of water.

Also the good news was that the preliminary guess of the engineers pointed out that most likely the damage was only exterior, and most likely did not cause any foundational damage. The studies recommended repointing and sealing of the bricks as a first step of ensuring that no water intrusion would happen again before moving to the next steps of repairs.

Once it is certain that the water intrusion has been stopped, other steps would follow to repair the current damage that has happened mainly in the holy altar area. We continue to pray to God to make this process successful and effective. Thank you all for you concern and help, and many thanks to all parishioners that have helped over the past couple of years in so many ways to clear the puzzle in regard to the needed repairs, and for helping the PC to reach this point of taking actions with more confidence. and certainty, and to resolve this issue for good.



Congratulations to Roland Szabo and Dina Boris on the baptism of their baby daughter Sophia Allison. God parents were John Loudaros and Julia Strati. Sophia was born in September last year, and has been a wonderful addition to the youngsters of Saint Demetrios parish. Sophia is another Sunday school child and future Greek dancer in the making. Glory to God for the wealth of his gifts and for blessing Saint Demetrios parish with so many young children. It is an absolute joy to work with this young life, and bring to them the message of peace and salvation of Jesus Christ.



Congratulations to Vincent Constantine (Kosta) Sanitate on his reception into the Orthodox Church through the holy sacrament of chrismation this past Sunday. Sponsors were Jim and Eleni Pitenis. Vincent has always come together with his wife Despina to church services at Saint Demetrios and other celebrations and other occasions.

Even at the few times when Despina had to travel to care for family and he stayed behind, Vincent would come alone to Saint Demetrios Sunday services. Interestingly, Vincent is of Italian background that grew up in Greece before World War II, and that is how he spoke Greek and was exposed to the Greek culture. The invasion of Greece by Italy caused his family and other Italians at the time to move out of Greece after the war. We pray for his strength and spiritual progress, and for him to continue his walk with his family on the path of the Lord blamelessly in a manner pleasing to God Jesus Christ.



This previous week the men’s monastery in Ocala; Panagia Vlahernon celebrated a glorious occasion of the dedication of the cemetery’s chapel named after the Archangel Michael. The two days celebrations started with common meal and all-night vigil on Sunday and continued on Monday with the service of the consecration and the Divine Liturgy. After the luncheon on Monday everyone in attendance left with sense of joy and happiness to go home rejuvenated. His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta presided over the celebrations that were attended by more than eleven clergy, monks, nuns, and faithful parishioners from Saint Demetrios and other various surrounding



When Michael Forest closed his eyes on this earth, I personally lost a dear person, a parishioner that was a fan who always cheered and lit up with joy when he used to see me. Mike always made me feel that my visit to him brought him delight and happiness. Mike was an energizer that made me feel excited about the importance of visiting the shut-ins, people at the hospital, parishioners at home or at work. He kindled and rejuvenated my interest and enthusiasm to carry on with this important ministry.

Mike opened my eyes to seeing in a new light the great value of the precious gifts of the holy church that the clergy take with them to homes and offer them to parishioners in need as they minister to God’s people. Besides losing Mike’s enthusiasm when seeing his priest, many other things have very quietly disappeared as well with his falling asleep.

The icon of the Mother of God has not received lately any flowers at all. It was never without flowers not even for one single Sunday when Mike was around. His love and adoration toward the Mother of God was so vivid that he kept supplying her icon with fresh and beautiful flowers every Sunday for a long time. I cannot even imagine what reward the Mother of God would have prepared for Mike in return for his expressed love toward her, and for his thoughtfulness and continuous remembrance of our God’s Mother.

All the silent charitable offerings that Mike used to provide have stopped. Many church projects that needed funds and enjoyed the quiet sponsorship of Mike now will no longer be the beneficiary of his quiet generosity.

The kind and soft advices and indirect suggestions that used to be very helpful have not been heard since then.

With Mike falling asleep the opportunity for my Presbytera Linda who would enjoy making for him, as other parishioners did, his favorite soup or one of his desired dishes to show goodness and thoughtfulness toward a fellow parishioner has stopped to exist.

Mike was a living example that could have been referred to when talking about the pheromone of the allegiance and loyalty of the Orthodox people toward the holy Orthodox Church of God. Mike, from the years before the inception of Saint Demetrios parish until he opened his eyes in the eternity never ceased to be the child of this parish, not even for one single day.

Mike, would always light up with enthusiasm upon hearing the stories of the holy saints of the Orthodox Church. He would never get bored hearing about stories of a priestly ministry. Mike had great reverence toward the clergy of the Orthodox Church of God. He was a very respectful person with a high degree of piety.

Mike greatly appreciated the notion of praying for former parishioners that had fallen asleep, and found great comfort that these prayers one day were going to be said for him. He was inspired when reminded that the impact of our actions in the sup-port of God’s church while we are on the earth will continually intercede for us in front of God and shower us with mercy even long after we are absent from this life.

Every time the food bank basket is blessed during the church service, Mike’s name comes to mind because he was the winds under the wings of this ministry. Without his persistence and sacrifices this ministry would not have been born or taken off. A few years ago when he fractured one of his ribs, his concern was directed less toward his healing and more toward who was going to carry it on. His happiness was tremendous when he was informed that this ministry has continued on and was flourishing through the support and the efforts of other parishioners.

Mike in short was the invisible (SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT FIGURE) that every church community has that keeps church life going without interruption due to the selflessness and sacrifices of these God loving people; whose value and importance are not fully seen and understood until they are no longer among us.

May God’s mercy come upon Mike to grant him eternal rest, and may his love to Jesus Christ, the Orthodox Church, and the Mother of our God, Mary the all holy and pure, reward him in heaven the (BEAUTIFUL) promised things of the heavenly Jerusalem. Amen

P.S. “BEAUTIFUL” was Mike’s favorite word as well as the LAST word he said as we spoke for the very last time.



Beloved St. Demetrios Parishioners,

St Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine
35th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Shrine


Saturday, February 4 – Monday, February 6, 2017

Schedule of Events

Sunday, February 5th , church services will begin 8:30 a.m. in the St. Photios Chapel

(Orthros, hierarchical Divine Liturgy. and Founders’ memorial/ Father Martin Ritsi and Deacon Athanasios Kartsonis will assist his Grace, Bishop Gregory of Nyssa). Hospitality hour will follow.

The National Shrine Feast Day banquet will begin at 1:00 p.m., at Casa Monica Hotel (Tickets are $65.00) Key note address by His Grace, Bishop Gregory of Nyssa.

The St. Photios Award will be bestowed upon AHEPA Speedway Chapter #410 and Consul General Adamantia Klotsa. Nicholas Aliferakis will be recognized for his volunteer service to the Shrine.

Great Vespers and Artoklasia after the banquet presided by Rev. Dr. Nicholas Louh.

Following the Vespers all are invited to welcome His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America and Archdeacon Panteleimon at Jacksonville airport. The celebratory welcome will continue at the Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine.

Monday, February 6, church services will begin at 8:00 a.m. St. Photios chapel.
Rev. Dr. Nicholas Louh and Archdeacon Panteleimon Papadopoulos will assist His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America.

After His Eminence tour of the Shrine all will leave for the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. All the faithful are invited to attend a reception and program high-lighting the global work of this institution of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America.

For more information, please call Polly Hillier at 904 829 8205

Tickets please call the Office 386-252-6012



His Eminence our Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta is planning to travel throughout the Metropolis of Atlanta to meet with as many parishioners as possible from all of the parishes of our Metropolis.

I believe you would agree that reaching out to parishioners in all the eight states of the holy Metropolis of Atlanta is a very ambitious plan, and a good goal to set.

Please keep in mind that His Eminence is not in his thirties anymore, and he has tremendously loaded work schedule, yet he is going beyond his limits to reach out to YOU.

His desire is to connect with parishioners directly to engage them in dialogue. Please let us do our part and respond with as many members from our Saint Demetrios parish to meet him at St. John church in Jacksonville on Tuesday, March 7 at 6:00 pm.

We can carpool, and we can come up with some ideas to make this trip fun. I am open to your suggestions and ideas. Please communicate with me directly.

RSVP is needed to communicate to the organizing committee. Please message me directly. I thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing back from you about your plan in regard to attending this meeting with His Eminence.



Please spread the word about St. Stephen summer camp and lock on your calendar:

REGISTRATION FOR STAFF Opens on February 14th
REGISTRATION for CAMPERS Opens on March 28th

Please direct your questions in regard to the St. Stephen to Denise Brown <>. If financial help is needed, please reach out to Fr. Joseph



Thank you for responding to the need of the priest’s discretionary fund. It had been depleted and it is in need of funds. This is a line item that is completely funded through donations from generous parishioners like yourself. The spending of these funds depends on the sole discretion of Father Joseph. Over the past years many generous donations have been graciously given to this fund, and last week donations started to be offered. This fund responds to various needs and necessities that come to Father Joseph’s attention. This current setting makes this process quick and private. There is no need or requirement to consult with many people or to reveal the es-sence of the needs before issuing a check. The process simply requires Father Joseph to ask the treasurer to issue a check.

If you desire making a donation toward the discretionary fund, please send your check payable to Saint Demetrios church earmarked; “Discretionary Fund”.



After the affirmation of the parish council on Sunday January 15th, 2017 the members met as it is customary to elect the officers. The elections results were as follows: Jim Mahairas President; Kyriakos Drymonis Vice-President; Billy Gahagan Vice-President; George Karamitos Treasurer; Gary Koliopulos assistant treasurer; Irene Koutouzis assistant treasurer; and Johnny Louizes recording secretary.

Congratulations to the new officers and may God strengthen them to fulfill their duties diligently and with fear and love of God.

The parish council during its first regular meeting on January 19th voted to fill in the three existing vacancies filled by voting three energetic parishioners:
Marilyn Formicola, John Koulouris, and Dino Moschos Paspalakis

These parishioners are a promising addition to the parish council, and all the members are looking forward to their cooperation and contribution.

May God bless all the parish council members along with their families, and the entire parish family of Saint Demetrios. Please keep all the parish council and ministry leaders in your prayers to be guided and guarded by our God Jesus Christ.



The Philoptochos of Saint Barbara through the dedication of many Philoptochos ladies and parishioners presented Saint Demetrios with a very successful and joyful cutting of the Vasilopita Sunday in support of Saint Basil Academy.

Thanks are due to our great God that inspires hearts and minds to serve him by empowering his servants to serve others, and by pouring out his joyful and serene grace in the midst of his people. Please be assured that because of your positive attitude, persistence, and perseverance in the service of God, the entire parish family of Saint Demetrios is being rewarded with abundant divine grace in a matter suitable to every need of each person.

“Aim at righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfast-ness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called” (1 Timothy 6:11-12)



Last weekend was a wonderful blessing for the entire parish family of Saint Demetrios community. On Saturday the outdoor Divine Liturgy to celebrate the baptism of our Lord and God Jesus in the Jordan River by the hands of Saint John the Baptist took place in Ponce DeLeon Springs.

It seemed that the weather and the rain were going to be challenging elements, but things took a turn for the better, and everything went very well and ended up to be a very happy occasion. The Divine Liturgy through the effort of a very dedicated team went very well; the diving for the cross was a blissful event; and the barbeque afterward turned out to be a nice celebration.

Several parishioners that made the choice to stay home called me afterward and expressed their regrets for making that choice; however, they were happy to learn that this year’s celebration was another joyful and happy day. They hope to make up this loss by attending the event next year.



Please follow the link below to view the Epiphany article about the outdoor divine liturgy in Deland of Saint Demetrios on January 7th, 2017 and the retrieving of the holy cross.

Please take a moment after you have read the article if you will to send a short note of thank you to the writer of the article; Seth Robbins ( and share with him your sentiments.



Dear Parishioners,

We hope that you and your family had a Merry Christmas and pray that our Good Lord will continue to bless you and your family in 2017. As you lay out the plan for the New Year, please take the time to fill out the 2017 St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Stewardship Commitment Pledge Form located in the link below. This will secure your position as a committed member of your St Demetrios church community. This will acknowledge your conscious commitment and enable you to participate in all ministries and sacraments of our Greek Orthodox faith. This will confirm that you are a steward of our Lord’s property here on earth (in Daytona Beach).

Please take a moment to review your current financial position and search in your heart to figure out the dollar amount that you feel comfortable giving to continue the Ministries of your church. This is not a binding pledge; treat it as a goal that you are going to attain in 2017. This commitment also helps our community budget properly in the upcoming year. The form must be filled out, according to our bylaws, in order to secure your position as a member in good standing.

Your continued support of St Demetrios church is one way to show that you love and appreciate the gifts that our Lord has bestowed on you. May 2017 be a good, prosperous and blessed year for all of us.

With love,
Your Stewardship Committee

2017 Stewardship Form






The gift from the Forest family had been sched-uled a while ago to take place on Wednesday Dec 21st, which later happened to coincide with the third day of Mike Forest passing away.

Gathered at the Forest’s house was a group of parishioners and PC members who witnessed this special moment in the life of the Saint Demetrios parish.
The get together started with a prayer that was followed by the signing of the trust and the establishment of the St. Sophia Trust, and the deed for the transfer of the Forest gift to Saint Demetrios.

After the end of the Paraklesis service at the church, a Trisagion was read for the rest of the soul of Mike Forest. Mike before his passing had been checking on the progress of the house transfer process quiet often with concern. He had wanted to make sure that it was going to get done as soon as possible.

Thank you God Jesus Christ for another gift bestowed upon your parish of Saint Demetrios, and may you



Christ is Born! Let us Glorify Him! It is with great joy that I share with you the deci-sion of the St. Photios Executive Committee and National Shrine Pilgrimage commit-tee to bestow the St. Photios Award to the AHEPA Daytona Speedway Chapter #410 in gratitude and recognition of the steadfast financial support and consistent witness of the immigration history of the first Greeks to America. The legacy you have built in the New Smyrna Memorial will be passed generation to generation. The support of the Essay Contest and Greek Landing Day are tantamount to the success of these programs. The sharing of the Shrine story with hundreds every year fulfills our goal to witness the Orthodox and Greek presence in America prior to 1776.

This award will be presented at the St. Photios Pilgrimage banquet on Sunday, Febru-ary 5th at the Casa Monica. I pray many of you will be able to join us that day. God bless you dear Brothers in Christ – To a new year of abundance that draws us closer to Him, I remain

In Christ, Polexeni Maouris Hillier, Director

The Saint Photios Award
AHEPA Daytona Speedway Chapter #410
In Recognition and Grateful Appreciation for
Outstanding Service of Stewardship and Philanthropic Generosity
Offered to the Saint Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine
5 February 2017



Do you have a purse, backpack, or other bag you no longer want? Fill it with snacks, sanitary and hygeniene products and drop it off in the designated bin in the Narthex. Philoptochos volunteers will make sure the donated bags get to the homeless in our community.

Content Ideas:

                                               • Lip balm                                        • Non-aerosol deodorant
                                               • Shower gel                                    • Lotion
                                               • Soap                                             • Tissues
                                               • Shampoo & conditioner                 • Sandpaper emery boards
                                               • Hair brush                                    • Band-aides
                                               • Tampons/Sanitary pads                • Socks
                                               • Wet wipes                                     • Rain poncho
                                               • Tooth paste/toothbrush                • Snacks
                                               • Dental floss                                  • Notes of encouragement

Please do not include any products that contain glass or alcohol, nor monetary gifts



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